10 Good Reasons to Schedule a Roof Inspection

[fa icon="calendar"] December 07, 2017 / by Home Services Expert

roof of houseMany people hit the roof, go through the roof or act like a cat on a hot tin roof when they’re dealing with a roof leak.

And Experts in Your Home should know, because this is when we field the greatest number of calls for roof inspections. But a roof shouldn’t cave in – literally or figuratively – for you to schedule a roof inspection.

Make a “Date” for your Roof At Least Once a Year

Your roof is the most crucial part of your home’s envelope (with the attic, doors, windows, exterior walls and subfloor playing important supporting roles). As such, the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that a roof should be inspected twice a year, or once in the spring and once in the fall.

The roofing professionals at Experts in Your Home understand that this regimen may be too difficult for many homeowners to follow. So we tell our customers that one yearly roof inspection should suffice – as long as they do a “walk-about” around their home after a drenching downpour or high wind storm – the two events that often lead to roof damage.

A professional roof inspection allows the Experts to spot – and repair – minor roof problems before they spiral out of control and demand a partial or full roof replacement long before the time period specified in the warranty (often, 20 years).

If these two motivators aren't compelling enough, consider eight other reasons why scheduling an annual roof inspection with Experts in Your Home will help you sleep better at night:

Count the Benefits of an Expert Roof Inspection

  • An expert roof inspection will detect leaks that are not visible to the eye. Water is a corrosive element, leaving water lines and water stains behind just as often as it seemingly disappears and escapes notice. Water damage never escapes the attention of the Experts.
  • An expert roof inspection will ensure that your roof is draining properly. Standing water is one risk, but a dangerous slope poses another. The Experts can remedy both issues.
  • An expert roof inspection will extend to your gutters to ensure that they, too, are draining properly. Your roof and gutters work in tandem, and the Experts will inspect your gutters to make sure they're clear of leaves and debris and also that crimps and dents don't prevent them from draining efficiently.
  • An expert roof inspection will provide you with a progress report of how your roof withstands the elements on your lot. Intense heat, intense cold, rain, high winds and hail all take a toll on a roof. It's inevitable that your roof will need some minor repairs over the span of its lifetime, especially if your lot is heavily wooded and subjected to falling branches. The Experts know exactly how to fortify your roof.
  • An expert roof inspection will assess how your roof “takes a punch” under normal circumstances. The shingles tell all tales; if they're cracked, broken, loose or missing, they need to be repaired. The Experts take note and chart their condition from year to year.
  • An expert roof inspection will expose fire hazards. As homeowners nervously eye wildfires throughout the state, they're often surprised by the hazards the Experts find right on top of their roof in the form of piles of branches and animal nests.
  • An expert roof inspection will reveal built-up vegetation. They may look harmless, but moss and other vegetation can slowly weaken and compromise the integrity of your roof – at least until the Experts arrive on the scene.
  • An expert roof inspection will enhance your sense of security. It sounds improbable – until you hear of a break-in in a neighboring town: a determined thief enters a home via a roof hatch, skylight or other access point. The Experts nail down these points with vigor.

Even if you're sleeping just fine right now, a professional roof inspection from Experts in Your Home just may cause you to raise the roof – in celebration. Get started by calling us to schedule your roof inspection today.

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