Get Your Spring Home Maintenance Plan Ready Now

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checklistYou're nervous about what you will find, but you know you have to inspect your home with both eyes wide open. Otherwise, how will you ever compile a spring home maintenance plan?

Try to reconcile yourself right now to the idea that you're very likely to find at least one home maintenance project that you should not postpone. And if you cannot tackle it yourself, you can rely on Experts in Your Home to handle it for you.

With these twin realities in check, take notes as you inspect the exterior and interior of your home. Let the Experts guide you about what to look for, though you should flag anything that looks unusual to your two good eyes:

Your Exterior Home Maintenance Inspection List

  • Your windows. Caulk and weather stripping can become compromised over the winter months, so ensure that they are intact and provide a tight seal.
  • Your foundation. Look for cracks, gaps and holes. Before you break out the caulk, keep in mind that basic caulking often provides only a temporary fix; the Experts use a two-part epoxy injection technique that will bond the cracks chemically and permanently.
  • Your walls. Look for cracks and holes, peeling or blistering paint and water stains. Here's where you might make some truly suspicious discoveries, so take note of anything that catches your eye.
  • Your roof. You don't have to – and shouldn't – climb up on your roof. Grab a pair of binoculars and take a good look from the ground floor or position yourself indoors from a window. Look for: nail pops; broken, cracked or curled shingles; and bent, damaged or missing flashings around the chimney, pipes, dormer windows, skylights and other openings.
  • Your chimney. In addition to missing brick or stone, look for signs of moss or vegetation, which often signals a water infiltration problem.
  • Your gutters and downspouts. They should be flushed with water, and if the water pools, it could be a sign that the slope should be adjusted to foster proper drainage. Check the joints for loose connections.
  • Your sidewalks and walkways. Look for signs of damage that could cause trips and falls so they can be repaired before the onset of warm weather.
  • Your driveway. Whether it's stone, asphalt or concrete, take note of cracks, which almost always worsen over time.

Your Interior Home Maintenance Inspection List

  • Your plumbing. Leaks should be repaired immediately, and signs of wetness also underscore trouble. Plumbing in kitchen and bathrooms should top your list, but don't forget to check your washing machine and water heater, too.
  • Your furnace and air conditioner. You probably check the filter once a month – and make the Experts proud. But if you notice dust and dirt on the floor around your heating and air conditioning unit, vacuum the area. If you find rust flakes, notify us so that we can thoroughly inspect the unit for corrosion.
  • Your attic. Remember that you need sufficient insulation not only in the winter, but also in the spring and summer to help moderate the temperature in your home. If you can see the floor joists in your attic, you probably need more insulation. Low spots are problematic, too, and most common near the eaves.
  • Your basement. Cracks in the walls and dampness are two key trouble signs, but no reason to hit the panic button, either. Remember that cracks start from the base and work their way up, so focus your efforts there. The Experts can seal such cracks with ease. Dampness may simply signal a need for better ventilation and perhaps a dehumidifier.

When you consider the totality of this home maintenance inspection list, you can understand why we caution that it would be unusual to find nothing amiss. And remember that the Experts are just that – experts with plumbing, electrical, building, structural and heating and air conditioning repairs. So try not to be nervous about what you will find; there's nothing that the Experts cannot fix. 

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