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Factors to Consider When Deciding to Replace Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

[fa icon="calendar"] May 3, 2013 at 9:22 AM / by Home Services Expert

woman thought bubbleDeciding when to replace your heating and air conditioning system can be a hard decision.  It will seem like a huge investment - for the price of a new system you could take a really nice all-inclusive vacation and bring your extended family – so deciding whether to fix the current problem or replace the whole system could be the difference between a dream vacation or dreaming of taking a vacation.

A new HVAC system is definitely worth the investment if you need an entirely new system. So how do you know when it is really time to replace it rather than have it fixed?  Here are some factors to consider:


The age of your system can be a major contributing factor to replacing your system.  If your system is over 15 years old then it is very likely your heating and air conditioning system will need to be replaced.  After daily cooling and heating your house system will get to a point where it is just no longer capable of working efficiently.  You can often tell it’s running less efficiently because you will have different temperatures throughout your home - one room may be much cooler than another.  You will also hear and smell when it is time to replace your old system because it will be noisy and could possibly be emitting smells inside the home that you haven’t recognized before. 

High Energy Bills

Do you talk to your friends and wonder why their energy bills are so much lower than yours?  A good bet will be that your heating and air conditioning system is consuming a lot of energy and your bills are showing it.  If you notice an extreme difference in your monthly bills depending on the season, it’s a good indication your system is losing its strength. New systems can be up to 80% more efficient than some previous systems that are still in use in older homes today.  High energy bills are not the only cost of these energy sucking systems, they also have a large impact on the environment.  You can help reduce your energy costs and pollution by replacing your old heating and air conditioning system.

Cost of Repairs

If your system is getting on in age but not quite at the 15 year mark, you may want to consider how many repairs you have had to make to it and how many more you may have to make. If you have an older system that needs a large piece replaced, that may cost you around $300 or more, you may want to consider replacing the system instead.  A new system can save you money in the future and quite often makes a better investment. Have your system evaluated by a qualified Chico heating and air conditioning company to know your best options.

Comfort Level

Saving money does not have to be the only factor to consider. If your system is not heating or cooling your home to a level that your family feels comfortable, you may want to consider a newer system.  A new heating and air conditioning system will be a lot quieter and will cool and heat your home more efficiently.

Whether it is due to age or comfort, replacing your heating and air conditioning system is likely to save you money in the long run and make the peak seasons much more enjoyable.

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