Wood Floor Care Tips from Experts In Your Home

[fa icon="calendar"] June 26, 2017 / by Home Services Expert

person cleaning wood floorWe don't see it often: the 100-year-old-plus home with hardwood flooring that has literally stood the test of time. But these homes exist in the Chico area, and they carry a valuable “teaching moment” for anyone who loves wood flooring and wants it to last.

As with many commodities that are capable of lasting a long time but sometimes don't – think of air conditioners, furnaces and decks – the difference often comes down to maintenance. Let Experts in Your Home make you feel like an expert in your home so you can extend the life of your solid wood or engineered wood flooring – and maybe even make it worthy of centenarian status.

Go for 100 Years” with Daily Floor Care Maintenance

  • Use a microfiber mop, soft-bristle broom or vacuum with soft attachment to remove crumbs, dust and dirt. They look harmless and are tempting to ignore, but stepping on them repeatedly would be like rubbing the floor with a sheet of sandpaper. The finish will slowly deteriorate over time.
  • Wipe up spills immediately. Liquid is the No. 2 enemy of wood flooring.
  • Clean sticky or gummy spills with a damp sponge or towel.

Go for 100 Years” with Weekly (or As-Needed) Cleaning

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions before using a mild dish soap or a commercial wood floor cleanser. Failing to do so could void your floor care warranty.
  • Dip a soft mop into a bucket with a cleanser; wring out the mop; and work in small sections as you swish the mop over the floor in the direction of the grain. For extra shine, or to remove a film caused by the use of too much cleanser, go over the floor with damp rag.
  • Remove scuff marks by sprinkling a little baking soda on a damp sponge and wiping the floor.
  • Remove tough stains such as glue, gum and tar by covering the stain with peanut butter and allowing the natural oil to break down the stain before removing it with a damp rag. Or press several ice cubes over the stain with a rag and leave it there for at least 10 minutes so the stain can melt and be lifted away.

Go for 100 Years” by Exercising Good Floor Care Habits

  • Trap dirt, absorb spills and prevent scratches by placing throw rugs at doors and work areas and runners along walkways and high-traffic areas.
  • Place felt protectors on the legs of tables, chairs and stools to prevent scuffs and scratches.
  • Keep your pet’s nails trimmed so that they don't damage your wood floor.
  • Shield your wood floor from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays by hanging sun-blocking window treatments.
  • Run a humidifier during cool weather to prevent shrinkage and warping. Aim for an indoor humidity level of between 35 and 55 percent.

Go for 100 Years” by Avoiding Bad Habits

  • Avoid rubber-backed rugs, which can literally peel away the finish of wood flooring.
  • Never use scratchy steel wool, scouring pads or scouring powders on wood floors.
  • Never use products containing ammonia, lemon, citrus, silicon or tung oil on wood floors.
  • Avoid walking on wood floors with sharp high heels or sports cleats.
  • Never slide heavy objects across a wood floor. Pick up these objects and move them instead.

Even experts can encounter a confounding issue or problem with wood flooring – usually falling under the category of “accidents.” With more than 60 years of experience with accidents of all kinds, don't hesitate to call Experts in Your Home for help with your wood floors. We'll do everything we can to help you “go for 100 years” with your wood floor – and maybe even exceed this milestone, too.

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