Why Cleaning Is Actually Good For Your Health

[fa icon="calendar"] March 29, 2019 / by Home Services Expert

happy cleanerThe end of March and beginning of April usually begins the time for “spring cleaning” and becomes the item on everyone’s list that needs crossing off. It’s the time of year that many people dread - cleaning is a giant task and no one particularly likes doing it.

Yet, spring cleaning isn’t only just to give your home a “face lift” after the season of winter has come and gone. It’s also a time to hit the refresh button on your life.

Even with spring cleaning such a popular event, we’d suggest that you actually deep clean your home a few times a year. In fact, cleaning helps improve your health.

When you clean it...


Increases Physical Activity

According to Walden University there are at least five health benefits from exercise like a decrease in depression, anxiety, and stress with an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence. Granted you're just beginning to move items around the house, but you could decide to get rid of things that require you to lift and haul them out of the house and to the dumpster. The more space you have within your home the more space you have to move about it!  


Declutters Your Mind

Have you ever noticed that when the space around you is messy and cluttered, your mind tends to be just as messy or cluttered? It’s hard to focus on one specific thing when everywhere you look there's something dirty or piling up. When you begin to organize your home, your mind begins to follow. It’s hard to get distracted when everything around you is clean!


Improves Your Sleep

Just like cleaning can decluttering your mind, it can improve your ability to sleep. When laying down at night our minds can have our to-dos on a loop never giving us the rest we need. As you check off each room within your house as clean, you can clear the to-do from your mind. Once everything is clean and to-dos are checked, it’s amazing how relieved you’ll feel, which makes falling asleep that much easier.


Motivates You to Complete Other Task Within Your Life 

When your home is nice and clean it’s amazing the energy you have to finally cross off other things you’ve been putting off. It’s the mentality of wanting to move on to the next task we need to “clean” like your work office, car, etc.


Helps to Kick Your Allergies

Though you need to be careful on the products you use in case someone in your house is extremely sensitive or has respiratory issues, cleaning can help keep allergies at bay.  Cleaning frequently will help to stay up on dust and dander that accumulates with everyday life, keeping your sneezing low and your sinuses clear. It’ll also allow you to be on the lookout for any water damage that has occurred which leads to mildew and mold. Lastly, it’ll have you noticing if there are any pest problems so you can get them resolved as quickly as possible!


Improves Your Safety

Tripping is a hazard of a messy house. Organizing and cleaning up your space will allow you to actually see what is right in front of you so tripping becomes less of an act. It can also help you realize if a piece of furniture is just badly placed and needs to be moved somewhere else so it isn’t in any frequently traveled path.


Cleaning isn’t just good for your home, it’s good for your soul. Begin this new season with a fresh look at your home and maybe use the Marie Kondo Method to simplify the amount of physical items in your home!

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