When Should You Call a Chico Plumber?

[fa icon="calendar"] January 08, 2018 / by Home Services Expert

person calling a Chico plumberYou're a can-do, resourceful homeowner. So when you encounter a plumbing problem, your first inclination is, I can handle it.

But it's worth asking, Can you really?

Certain plumbing tasks may be well within your capabilities, such as checking and fixing a toilet flapper and float, checking your water heater burner and caulking a shower. But plumbing is a highly specialized discipline, which is only part of the reason plumbers with Experts in Your Home must undergo years-long training and rigorous testing before receiving a license.

And, let's face it: plumbing can be messy and complicated – often involving multiple layers of issues that must be untangled to get to the root cause of a problem. From this point of view, we recommend that you rely on a Chico plumber to fix certain plumbing problems:

Plumbing issue: A sewer line clog

Why it's tricky: Special equipment is needed to unclog a sewer line that is not draining properly, often because a tree root has broken through the line and is obstructing the flow of water. Some stores rent equipment to fix this problem. But unless you have experience using it successfully, the Experts warn against this tack. The risk of creating more damage is just too great.

Plumbing issue: Replacing or rerouting sewer pipes

Why it's tricky: Actually, everything is tricky about this job – from using heavy-duty tools and digging trenches to repositioning the new pipes and keeping an eye on utilities. It's a high-risk job that you want to place in expert hands.

Plumbing issue: A main line clog

Why it's tricky: You know the main line is blocked when toilet water starts to flow into your shower or tub. Again, you can rent equipment to fix this problem, but without the experience and problem-solving skills of a Chico plumber, chances are that you really won't know where to start.

Plumbing issue: Installing a water heater

Why it's tricky: Water heaters must be properly vented. Your home's water pressure must be checked and set accordingly. And you must disconnect and then reconnect gas lines. Plus, there are assorted nuts, bolts, valves and pipes that must fit like a glove. If something goes wrong along the way, a water heater could leak dangerous levels of carbon monoxide or touch off a fire.

Plumbing issue: Repairing a water heater

Why it's tricky: Leaks, corrosion, rumbling sounds, discolored water and, of course, a lack of hot water all point to the need for a water heater repair. Gas water heaters pose hazards for the reasons listed above; electric heaters present a fire hazard because they rely on the risky combination of water and electricity. Water heaters may look harmless enough, but they're best entrusted to an experienced Chico plumber.

Plumbing issue: Thawing frozen pipes

Why it's tricky: Eagle-eyed readers will know that the Experts have outlined slow-and-steady instructions for thawing frozen pipes. (See “Plumbing Help-How to Thaw Frozen Pipes and What Actions to Take in the Event of a Pipe Burst.”) So while we're not back-pedaling on this advice, we've also noticed that even homeowners in cold winter climates seem to have difficulty resolving this plumbing problem on their own. Admittedly, sometimes their own haste is to blame; they eschew the slow-and-steady approach and grab a blowtorch – and often end up bursting the pipe or triggering a fire. If you're worried about a pipe bursting, or your own ability to handle an unexpected development, avert disaster and call your favorite Chico plumber.

In fact, this is sensible advice for any plumbing problem you may encounter: if you have anything less than 100 percent confidence in your plumbing ability, call our Chico plumbers at Experts in Your Home. At the end of the day, you're still “handling” the issue – and you're putting your family's safety first, too.

And don't forget, we offer a 27 point plumbing inspection to give you peace of mind.

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