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Air Conditioner Repair

What Is an Air Conditioner Check-Up and Do I Need It?

Summer is coming, learn about getting a proper check-up for your A/C system to avoid costly future repairs.

Heating and Air Conditioning

3 Reasons Your Allergies are Aggravated When Using Your HVAC System

The quality of the air inside your home directly affects your health. Learn why your HVAC system could be the culprit...


A Look Back: Popular Blog Posts in 2018 from Experts In Your Home

Take a look at some of the most widely read blog posts in 2018 from Experts In Your Home.

Home Maintenance

It's Time! Top 3 Reasons to Get Your Home Air Conditioning System Checked Before Summer

Yes, it's that time of year again - time to schedule your home air conditioning system tune-up. Find out the top 3...

Home Energy Efficiency

How an Energy Efficient Furnace Affects Your Home Heating Budget

Learn how you know the efficiency of your home heating system and steps to help it have a positive effect on your...

Air Conditioner Repair

What to Do if There's Ice on Your Air Conditioner Unit

If you find ice on your air conditioner unit, continuing to run your system can cause serious damage. Learn why to call...

Home Maintenance

5 Pieces of Bad Advice We've Heard About Your Air Conditioning System

Homeowners often receive misguided advice about their central air conditioning systems. It's time to set the record...

Home Maintenance

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Your Air Conditioning System

Do NOT let anyone convince you to install this type of air conditioning system.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Check Your Heating and Air Conditioning System's Air Flow [DIY Test]

You can determine if your home heating and air conditioning system has an air flow problem by performing the DIY...

Heating and Air Conditioning

Could Your Heating and Air Conditioning Thermostat Be Poorly Placed?

The location of your thermostat has a lot to do with the comfort level your heating and air conditioning system is...

Home Maintenance

Am I Allergic to My Heating and Air Conditioning System?

If you're an allergy sufferer, find out if your heating and air conditioning system has anything to do with it.

Home Maintenance

To Clean or Not to Clean Your Heating and Air Conditioning System Ducts?

How do you know if your heating and air conditioning system ducts need to be cleaned? This article can offer some...

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