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Shhh Listen! Is Your House Telling You to Make Home Maintenance Resolutions?

[fa icon="calendar"] February 12, 2013 at 4:10 AM / by Home Services Expert

home maintenance listTake a moment to look around and really listen to what your house is saying. Okay, we know it sounds silly because houses can’t talk, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t telling you things. So humor us! Just as many of us resolve to take better care of ourselves as the New Year begins, let’s think about what we can do to take better care of our home maintenance. After all, our home keeps us safe, warm, cool, and comfortable. Here’s what your house might be saying.

Keep me…tuned! If you’ve ever resolved to stay healthy, then you know the importance of exercising and getting an annual physical. When you do, you just feel better. Your house is the same way. If you give specific areas a home maintenance tune up then your house will start feeling good and having more energy too. What can you do to give your home a tune up?

    • Schedule a seasonal tune-up for your HVAC system. Doing so will help it to run more efficiently, control a comfortable air temperature, and maintain a good air quality in your home.

    • Have those drippy faucets fixed. You don’t like having a drippy nose do you? Well, your house doesn’t like having drippy faucets either. And that squealing sound the toilet makes every time you flush annoys your house just as much as it annoys you. So call the plumber and just have them fixed.

    • Don’t get stuck in the dark ages. When you get a physical you’re making sure that all your pieces and parts are working properly, which ultimately come from your brain’s synapses sending electrical signals to all the other parts of your body. The same is true for your home electricity. By flipping a switch or pressing a button, electrical signals are being sent telling the lights to go on. You don’t realize how much you depend on electricity until you’re left in the dark. Make checking your electrical switches and breakers part of your home maintenance and call an electrician if you detect any potential problems.

Keep up my curb appeal! About every month or so, you visit your hair dresser to get a haircut. If you’re a girl, you’re probably getting a cut and color and new set of nails. The point is you make a little extra effort to keep yourself looking good. Well, your house wants to look good too. After all, all it has to show for itself from the outside is its curb appeal. If it’s been awhile, give the outside of your house a new coat of paint. Even a room inside your house would like some refreshing and if you’re really feeling ambitious, some remodeling. Either way, it just feels good to get a little pampering and some home maintenance it a great way to pamper your house.

Keep me feelin’ fresh! Don’t you feel better when you aren’t surrounded by dirt and clutter? Your house sure does! Make a commitment to keep it clean. Even if you have to hire a cleaning service once in awhile to get the places you don’t always have time to, that’s okay. It’s also a good idea as part of your home maintenance to have your carpets cleaned each season. You’d be surprised what they attract! To cut down on clutter, try telling yourself that if something can be done in 30 seconds, you’ll do it right then; like taking out the recycling, putting the folded laundry away, or placing the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. You’ll feel so much better – and so will your house.

Experts In Your Home can help you take care of all of the home maintenance tasks your house is asking you to do. What’s your house telling you? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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