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Is Your Home Ready for the Holidays?

[fa icon="calendar"] December 7, 2014 at 1:05 AM / by Home Services Expert

holiday home maintenance needsChristmas is just around the corner. Before long lost family members come through your door with fruitcakes galore, do you have all of your home maintenance needs covered? As the weather turns cooler, holiday lights get strung, and your plumbing and heating systems get used more, you want to be sure you’re ready for anything. Below are a few things to consider to make sure your home maintenance needs are met so you can sit back and enjoy the season.


Whether you’re turning your front yard into Santa’s workshop or simply stringing a few extra lights on the tree, you’ll be using more electricity in December. First, make sure you are following these electrical safety tips for the holidays. If you notice anything out of the ordinary – like outlets that aren’t working or getting extra hot – you made need an electrical home maintenance repair.


More guests mean more people using your bathrooms, sinks, etc. The last thing you need is for a toilet to back up or a drain to clog at the most inopportune time – which they always do. If you’ve just been putting things off, like having that dripping faucet looked at or the running toilet repaired, there are a few things you can try yourself, but your best bet is to save yourself the time and call a local plumber.


When was the last time you performed any kind of maintenance on your heating system? The filter at least should be changed monthly, and it’s important to have the entire system checked seasonally. If your heater isn’t warming your home efficiently, you notice strange smells, or hear funny noises you should call a heating repair technician. You want to have a warm and cozy environment when your family gathers around the table or underneath the Christmas tree.

House Cleaning

The hustle and bustle getting ready for the holiday season means you might not have as much time to pay attention to other details around your home – like cleaning the blinds or baseboards. You know it has to be done because your mother-in-law is coming and she’ll notice the smallest speck of dust, so what do you do? Give yourself a break and have a home cleaning service come and get the job done.

Carpet Cleaning

Once the holidays have passed you may notice the extra mud that was brought in by the dog you didn’t know your cousin was bringing over, or the egg nog that spilled and someone tried to cover up with the coffee table. Give yourself the post-holiday gift of carpet cleaning. You’ll start the New Year off feeling refreshed and ready to host the next holiday.

Experts In Your Home can help with any of your home maintenance needs for the holidays and all year round. Contact us for a quote today. We are experts in your home!


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