Questions Air Conditioning Service Companies Should Be Able to Answer

[fa icon="calendar"] September 02, 2015 / by Home Services Expert

question_and_answer_iconsThink about how often you work on your air conditioner. Even if you faithfully remove and inspect your filter every month (hint, hint) and hose down the condensing unit periodically (nudge, nudge), your hands-on encounters with your air conditioner are probably fairly limited.

So what do you do when you have a question about your air conditioner? You call an air conditioning service company like Experts In Your Home. We pride ourselves on being your go-to resource – a trusted expert you can turn to for all kinds of information, from how best to set your thermostat on 100-degree days to how to prevent your air conditioner from freezing up on cool nights.

So consider this – a way to compile all the intermittent advice, tips and suggestions you need to keep your air conditioner in top shape: Create your own online or paper air conditioner maintenance guide with your own personalized list of questions and answers.

Allow us to get you started on this fun and worthwhile project by suggesting the inclusion of some questions that all air conditioning service companies should be able to answer. Review our suggested questions and add some of your own. The point is to include the questions – and answers – that you find most useful to you.

General air conditioner questions

  • What does the SEER rating refer to?
  • How does my air conditioning system work?
  • Can I (should I) label the most important parts with masking tape so that I can easily identify them?
  • How do I know when the refrigerant level is running low?
  • How long should my air conditioner last?

Maintenance questions

  • Why is it so important to have my air conditioner tuned up every year?
  • What other basic maintenance can I perform on my air conditioner in between yearly tune-ups?
  • What is the best filter to use with my air conditioner?
  • How should I clean out my condensate drain to keep it free of buildup?

Energy-related questions

  • Should I close the registers and doors to areas of my home that I do not use regularly to save money on my utility bills?
  • What is the best way to use fans – ceiling fans and floor fans – to keep my utility bills in check during the summer?
  • Would a whole-house fan help cool my home – and keep my utility bills low?
  • Why does Experts In Your Home endorse programmable thermostats?
  • What other steps can I take to lighten my home's cooling load? (Pointer: go room by room indoors and inspect your landscaping outdoors to compile a comprehensive checklist.)
  • Would it make good economic sense to consider a zoned cooling system for my home?

Indoor air quality questions

  • Why does one room (or region) always feel warmer than the rest of my home? What can I do to change this?
  • What steps can I take to make my indoor air feel less stuffy during the summer, when I can't always open the windows and let the fresh air in?
  • At what level should my home's indoor humidity level register? How should I keep track of it?
  • How do I determine if a humidifier or dehumidifier would be a good investment for my home?

Ductwork and insulation questions

  • Why does my ductwork make noises sometimes when the air conditioner turns on?
  • What should I look for as I inspect my ductwork for cracks and leaks?
  • What is the best way to fix cracks and leaks?
  • Should I have my ductwork professionally cleaned?
  • How do I know if my home is properly insulated? What should I look for?

Sizing questions

  • How do I know if my air conditioner is sized correctly for my home?
  • Why isn't it better to err on the side of buying an air conditioner that is bigger than what I really need?
  • What are my options if Experts In Your Home tells me that my air conditioner is too large (or too small) for my home?

Like most lists of questions, this list will probably spawn other questions. And that's the goal because Experts In Your Home wants to help you compile the most helpful, personalized go-to air conditioning service guide possible.

Let Experts In Your Home help you fill in the blanks – from A (air conditioner) to Z (zoning system) and everything in between. 

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