Put Your Dread to Bed; Tackle these 10 Home Maintenance Tasks Before Things go Haywire

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checklist_cleaning_suppliesMost of them aren't particularly difficult. And most of them don't take much time or create much mess. But when it comes to certain home maintenance tasks, any reason – or excuse – will do when we just don't feel like dealing with them.

Experts in Your Home has a very good idea about what these tasks are – mostly because we've seen the consequences of avoidance. In other words, we've seen things malfunction and break down. We've seen homeowners grapple with flooding and fires. And most often, we've watched in frustration as homeowners confront huge repair bills – all of which they could have avoided if they had only “put their dread to bed” and tackled these 10 home maintenance tasks:

10 Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle


Task No. 1: Inspect your fire extinguisher, monthly

Why it shouldn't be avoided: An inspection should cover ease of access (what good is an extinguisher if you can’t find it?), pressure and condition. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors offers a thorough checklist.

Task No. 2: Check the batteries and test your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, monthly

Why it shouldn't be avoided: The Experts know all about that reminder about spring and fall providing opportune times to address this home maintenance task. But when it comes to our customers’ safety, we believe that you can never be too careful.

Task No. 3: Check your furnace and air conditioner filter, monthly

Why it shouldn't be avoided: A clean filter keeps your HVAC system working cleanly and efficiently and extends its lifespan. A filter stuffed with dust and dirt can even shut a system down.

Task No. 4: Inspect your plumbing for leaks, monthly

Why it shouldn't be avoided: Plumbing leaks never go away on their own and almost always lead to more expensive repairs. A quick spot-check of every water source in your home – sinks, faucets, tubs, showers and toilets – will help you avoid catastrophe.

Task No. 5: Clean out your dryer vent, biannually

Why it shouldn’t be avoided: It can be a huge fire hazard – and one that can be compounded as blockages increase.

Task No. 6: Vacuum your refrigerator coils, biannually

Why it shouldn't be avoided: Your refrigerator is a big consumer of energy, accounting for perhaps as much as 15 percent of your utility bill. But keeping it running efficiently can save you at least $100 a year. Yes, you have to move that hulking appliance to clean the coils. And yes, you should buy a refrigerator brush to make the job easier. (This should set you back about $10.) But the inconvenience is worth it.

Task No. 7: Clean out your gutters, biannually or as needed

Why it shouldn't be avoided: There's no doubt about it: this is one of those messy home maintenance tasks. But it’s only a matter of time before gutters stuffed with leaves, sticks and other debris overflow – and right into your home through the roof, walls or foundation. Debris also makes prime nesting ground for birds and rodents. If you live on a tree-filled lot, you should tackle this project more than twice a year.

Task No. 8: Clean out your window wells, biannually

Why it shouldn't be avoided: Like clogged gutters, clogged window wells can cause seepage problems and flooding.

Task No. 9: Flush out your water heater, annually

Why it shouldn't be avoided: Removing sediment will help the water heater run more efficiently, extend its lifespan and reduce the rumbling you may hear when the burner turns on.

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Task No. 10: Repair your window screens, annually

Why it shouldn't be avoided: You may not realize how effective screens can be at blocking insects until even a small hole serves as an invitation to invade your home. Plus, damaged screens just look bad. Holes no more than 3 inches can be repaired with a patch; bigger ones usually require new screen fabric or a new screen.

Home Maintenance Help from Experts In Your Home

If any of these tasks pose a problem for you, don't hesitate to reach out to Experts in Your Home for help. We'll put your dread to bed and leave you with only sweet dreams – not the nightmares that avoidance can bring.

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