Along with so many others, the Villa Monterey Apartment complex suffered massive damage and loss as a result of the Camp Fire on November 8, 2018. 

Villa Monterey consisted of 48 apartment units prior to the fire.  As November 8th came to a close, 12 of the units were still standing, while 36 were completely destroyed.

Beginning in March of 2019, our team at Experts in Your Home started rehabbing the standing 12 units with completely new interiors, transforming them to high end units. They were quickly snapped up by people wanting to return to Paradise and fully occupied by late summer of 2019. In June of 2020, after a long permitting process, we were able to begin the rebuild of the 36 units that were destroyed. We estimated that this would take one year, and in February of 2021 those units were finished and are fully occupied. Paradise residents are excited to get back home!

Here's a timelapse view of the project from start to completion:


Take a look at the Gallery below to see pictures of the new units as well as the refurbished Clubhouse.

November 8, 2018 brought a level of devastation nobody imagined. The rebuilding of Villa Monterey has been healing for all of us.