When your home burns to the ground, there's a sense of devastating loss.

While in the North State we have heard many stories from the Camp Fire, however this particular project is about a family in Orland regarding a mishap with a propane tank.

In late 2019, fire erupted from a barbecue grill propane tank causing a significant explosion in the backyard. Fire spread very quickly, enveloping the attic and ultimately consuming the rest of the home, resulting in the loss of everything.

You can see the devastation in these images.

Rebuilding is Complete

Beginning in March of 2020, the Experts in Your Home team began the process of rebuilding the family home, which is now complete. 

A majority of the walls had to be removed along with the entire roof structure. Working with the revised floor plan, the Experts Construction team performed the majority of the work along with some help from our great team of subcontractors.


The first step when it comes to rebuilding a home after a fire or other disaster, is to get the insurance documents all in place. Experts in Your Home began working with the homeowner at the end of 2019 and helped them settle with their insurance company. We also worked with the city of Orland to move the project forward efficiently.