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Home Tips: Benefits of Having a Back Yard Fence Installed

[fa icon="calendar"] August 17, 2016 at 9:11 AM / by Home Services Expert

back_yard_fenceYou could probably divide the world into two groups: the people who generally like fences and the people who spot one in the backyard of a home they're considering purchasing and say, “That thing's gotta go.”

Every once in a while, Experts In Your Home encounters a third group: the homeowners who literally are on the fence about whether to have a fence installed in their backyard.

Before our fence builders take a simple measurement or show a single picture of the fences they have installed in the Chico area, they ask, “What is your objective?” In other words, they need to know what purpose the fence ought to serve. Along the way, homeowners often realize that fences offer more benefits than they realized. Some might resonate with you, too:

Consider the Benefits of Having a Fence Installed:

  • A fence can define property boundaries. Some people simply like the neat, orderly outline that a fence creates, easily separating one property line from another. In areas where a neighbor or neighbors might regularly encroach on your property, a fence has a diplomatic way of settling the matter (assuming that a plat of survey is respected).
  • A fence can bolster your sense of security. No fence is impenetrable, but a sturdy and durable fence can act as a deterrent to trespassers and would-be burglars. Homeowners who spend a lot of time outdoors – or who enjoy strolling freely and easily from the indoors to the outdoors – often find that a fence frees them of the worry of having to lock doors behind them.
  • A fence can make a backyard safer for children to play outdoors. Fences can literally provide a double-sided safety screen: they can keep intruders out while preventing small children in particular from wandering away. For parents, a fence can provide unlimited peace of mind.
  • A fence can create a privacy barrier. Over the years, our fence installers have heard plenty of stories about why a homeowner believes a fence will be “the answer” to his prayers. Think in terms of nosy neighbors, neighbors whose homes are too close for comfort, neighbors who have built something rather unsightly or neighbors who indulge in lifestyle habits you'd rather not witness. Done right, a privacy fence can give you greater freedom to enjoy your backyard.
  • A fence can blunt noise. Note the verb; fences cannot eliminate noise, but if your backyard borders a busy street or a commercial area, a fence certainly can blunt this nuisance. Coupled with the privacy benefit, a fence could reverse the effects of an intolerable situation.
  • A fence can naturally restrain the family pet. Without a fence, many dog owners must resign themselves to hitching their dog to a tethering device or managing their dog on a leash. With a fence, dog owners tell us that they felt like they were “cut loose,” too. Plus, the pet was able to enjoy the outdoors and get more exercise than before.
  • A fence can protect your landscape from pesky and destructive wildlife. Deer may be gorgeous to look at – from a distance – but they can wreak havoc on trees, shrubs, plants and gardens. A fence can keep deer and other wildlife away from your backyard to preserve the investment of time, effort and money you've made in it.
  • A fence can add beauty and charm to your backyard. We deliberately left this benefit for last – largely for those people in that second group who generally dislike fences. To them, we would say that you might be surprised at how fences made of various materials – iron, wire, wood – and various styles – lattice, scalloped, shadow box – can transform a bland backyard into an elegant one that makes a statement, as long as it complements a home's exterior.

Call Us for Expert Fence Installation

When you're ready to be surprised by the possibilities that await you, call Experts In Your Home for a consultation. We always begin with purpose and function, but we want to install a fence that is aesthetically pleasing, too. These are “tall” objectives, but then, we take pride in filling tall orders from our customers.

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