Home Maintenance Tips: How to Protect Your Kitchen From Water Damage

[fa icon="calendar"] February 03, 2016 / by Home Services Expert

kitchen_sink_faucetYou've heard the expression, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With this, the second article in a series of home maintenance tips about how to protect your home from water damage, Experts In Your Home suggests that “an ounce of prevention can spare you thousands of dollars in water damage.”

Most household floods are caused by plumbing or appliance failure or a combination of the two, such as when a dishwasher line or hose bursts open and floods a kitchen with hundreds of gallons of water.

If this happens to you, and you file a claim seeking reparations for your damaged hardwood floors or rotted kitchen cabinets, it's possible that your insurer will deny your claim if it can show that the dishwasher leaked for several years and you failed to repair it.

Often, failure to act is not an indication of neglect; it's a consequence of activity. Most families congregate in the kitchen, making it the hub of noisy, bustling action in which it's easy to overlook the warning signs of excessive moisture and impending water damage.

Allow the licensed Chico plumbers at Experts In Your Home help you safeguard all the potential trouble spots in your kitchen with home maintenance tips that will spare you a flood of emotional and financial trauma.

Under the Dishwasher

  • Be vigilant about even small trickles under the dishwasher. There could be a loose connection or leaking water hose. Tighten, repair or replace it, as necessary.
  • Inspect the water supply hose for leaks and, if you find any, replace the hose immediately.
  • Clean the drain line regularly so that it doesn't back up or spill overflow into the sink.
  • Check the main filter for clogs. If the dishwasher does not drain completely after use, the filter could be clogged.

Under the Sink

  • Inspect the trap for drips, which are a sign of potentially serious drain problems. If you cannot repair it promptly, call the plumbers at Experts In Your Home so that they can.
  • Check the areas surrounding the the pipes for moisture or water stains. Fill any holes in the wall with caulk.
  • Check the floor beneath the plumbing for soft spots or stains – sure signs of leaks that should be repaired immediately.

Around the Sink

  • Turn the faucet all the way off and wait a minute for a steady drip. If you see one, repair it promptly.
  • Inspect the sink seals for cracks or looseness and replace them, if necessary.
  • Ensure that broken or missing countertop tile or grout near the sink is not being caused by a steady leak around the sink.

Behind the Refrigerator

  • Move the refrigerator out from the wall and inspect the area thoroughly for moisture and leaks. They can be difficult to trace, especially if you don't wish to leave your refrigerator in the middle of the kitchen for an extended period of time. Moisture and mold are huge red flags, so if you cannot pinpoint the source of the problem, call Experts In Your Home immediately.
  • Check the supply line to the icemaker, if you have one. Replace it, and fast, if you see a leak.

Under the Range/Oven

  • Remove the bottom drawer and inspect the area under the stove for signs of moisture or mold. As with the refrigerator, if you cannot identify and fix the source of the problem, call Experts In Your Home so that our plumbers can.

Exhaust Fan

  • Test the fan – a vital moisture control tool in your kitchen – to ensure that it works properly. It might need to be replaced or the wiring might need updating by an Experts In Your Home electrician.
  • Check that the fan vents to the outdoors and that the dampers operate and are seated properly.
  • Inspect the fan for dust, caked-on food particles, mildew or mold. Keep the fan free of these elements so that it functions as it should.

One central idea underscores all of these home maintenance tips: Keeping your kitchen free of excess moisture, repairing small water leaks before they get bigger and being vigilant about maintenance in general will safeguard your hub of activity from flooding and the ensuing water damage. Experts In Your Home licensed plumbers will, too, so think of them as your ounce of prevention; they really can provide a pound of cure. Our plumbers will conduct a comprehensive 27 point plumbing inspection to give you peace of mind and help avoid surprises. Contact a local Chico Plumber today.

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