First Apartment Rebuild in Paradise is Underway

[fa icon="calendar"] June 30, 2020 / by Home Services Expert

Here at Experts in Your Home we could not be more excited to announce the first multi-family housing rebuild project in Paradise after the 2018 Camp Fire.

Aftermath of the 2018 Camp Fire

Along with so many others, the Villa Monterey Apartment complex suffered massive damage and loss as a result of the Camp Fire on November 8, 2018. 

Villa Monterey consisted of 48 apartment units prior to the fire.  As November 8th came to a close, 12 of the units were still standing, while 36 were completely destroyed.

Here is a photo showing some of the massive damage:

Villa Monterey after the Camp Fire


Villa Monterey 2019 Remodel

Beginning in March of 2019, our team at Experts in Your Home started rehabbing the standing 12 units with completely new interiors, transforming them to high end units. They were quickly snapped up by people wanting to return to Paradise and fully occupied by late summer of 2019.

Here are a few photos inside one of the new remodels:

Villa Monterey Living Room

Villa Monterey Kitchen


Villa Monterey Design & Rebuild Plan

Beginning in June of 2019, we engaged Paradise Design Group to be their design-build partner for the design and rebuild of the 36 destroyed units. We also engaged Jessee Heating and Air, Hall Electrical Contracting along with our Experts in Your Home plumbers to complete the design-build team. Design and permitting was completed in December 2019.

Paradise Design Group created a visual concept design of the complex.

Paradise Design Group visual concept of the new Villa Monterey


Experts was given the final go-ahead to rebuild by the property owner in late April 2020 and after a couple of celebratory shouts from the team, we mobilized to the site the following week. We couldn’t wait to get started. 


Villa Monterey Rebuild Project Completed

After months of work from our Expert construction team, the finished project is a beautiful apartment complex that is inviting and welcoming for residents. 


Villa Monterey Apartments

Villa Monterey Clubhouse

We were excited and honored to partner in this project and bring multi-family housing back to Paradise!

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