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Embrace the Outdoors: The Many Benefits of Building a Home Sunroom

[fa icon="calendar"] August 2, 2016 at 9:24 AM / by Home Services Expert

sunroomThe neighbors knew something was up; they just didn't know why so many contractors were visiting Nancy and Jim's home and spending so much time surveying the backyard.

In this close-knit (some would say nosy) community, the neighbors wasted no time finding out: Nancy and Jim were interested in building a full-glass sunroom addition on the rear of their traditional saltbox colonial, complete with a six-seat hot tub.

The neighbors – on either side and to the rear of Nancy and Jim's house – were quick to render their opinion: Nancy and Jim would only waste their hard-earned money on such an extravagance. But with every well-intentioned objection Nancy and Jim heard, they became more convinced than ever that the many benefits outweighed the one issue they hadn't yet reconciled: the cost of the project.

If you're considering building a sunroom – either to your current home or as part of a new construction project – it might help to understand how Nancy and Jim weighed the benefits:

Benefits of Building a New Construction Sunroom 

Benefit 1: Immersion in the outdoors. Nancy and Jim are the quintessential outdoor couple. They enjoy brisk walks and hikes as much as they do spending the day at forest preserves, sprawled out on a blanket and absorbing the sights and sounds of nature. A sunroom would provide an even better, closer view of their own heavily wooded and beautifully landscaped yard, which teems with shrubs, plants, flowers and a vegetable garden.

Benefit 2: A daily tropical “escape” without the cost of a tropical vacation. Nancy and Jim look forward to their annual pilgrimage to a Caribbean destination. In fact, it was a Jamaican resort that provided the inspiration for their sunroom. As they circled the resort on the last day of a vacation, Nancy studied the ceiling fans, tropical plants and warm colors and thought, “I actually could enjoy this kind of setting every day” and then set out to replicate the soothing tropical feel in her home. No, she couldn't bring the ocean to her backyard, but she could have water – hence the hot tub.


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Benefit 3: An outdoor and tropical escape that is impervious to the weather. To Nancy and Jim, nothing beats the sun coupled with warm temperatures. And few things dampen their spirits more than damp weather that prevents them from enjoying the outdoors. But here, too, Nancy took a tip from her favorite tropical retreats, where rain storms are common: When the weather is uncooperative, Nancy points out, at least you can still enjoy the view. A sunroom could provide a pleasant view at home.

Benefit 4: Additional room for entertaining. A sunroom could offer overflow seating when Nancy and Jim's kitchen and adjoining family room swell with guests. And because no one else they know has a sunroom, it could become a focal point for eager guests, especially if an invitation includes a dip in the hot tub.

Benefit 5: A place to indulge quiet leisurely pursuits. Although she considered it, Nancy in particular didn't want to “clutter up” the sunroom with a big-screen TV. Nor did she want it to take on the look of an office. But considering the calming effects of a sunroom, she thought it might be an ideal place to indulge her love of reading while Jim indulged his quiet interests: tracking stocks and playing the occasional game of Solitaire on his laptop.

Reconciling the Return on Investment

As they weighed the benefits, Nancy and Jim knew their neighbors were right when they cautioned that a sunroom doesn't yield the kind of return on the dollar as other home remodeling projects. In fact, a sunroom generally falls well below kitchen remodeling, adding an attic bedroom and renovating a bathroom on most lists.

In the end, this “outdoorsy” couple decided that even if they remain in their home for only five more years, a sunroom would enhance their quality of life and add to their daily enjoyment of their home. So they built a 20-by-20 four-season sunroom – and have reveled in their decision every day since (and honestly remain grateful to their neighbors for aiding the decision process). Your own decision process may differ from Nancy and Jim's, but you're likely to find some parallels.

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