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Quick Quiz: Are You Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

[fa icon="calendar"] May 24, 2013 at 8:59 AM / by Home Services Expert

yes no skipAre you doing enough for your Chico heating and air conditioning system? Summer is just around the corner and we’ve already begun to feel the days heating up. You’ve probably run your heating and air conditioning system a time or two already. Before we reach that 100 degree weather, now is the perfect time to evaluate whether or not you’re doing enough to maintain your heating and air condition system. Take a few minutes to answer the questions below. Be honest! If your answer is “No” or “I have no idea” that’s okay! You’ll have educated yourself in the process and now you’ll know what you need to do so you aren’t left sweating buckets in the middle of summer when your system breaks down.


Have you changed your air filter in the last 3 months?


A dirty filter slows down air flow in your home and causes your heating and air conditioning system to have to work harder to keep you warm or cool, which ultimately wastes energy and could end up costing you more money. Your filter should be changed every 3 months at a minimum. Ideally, you should at least check your filter each month, especially during the times you use it the most, like summer and winter. Changing your filter regularly will also keep dust from building up which can lead to costly maintenance and decrease the life of the system.


Does your duct system have any signs of leaks?


Ducts are the part of your heating and air conditioning system that move air to and from your furnace or air conditioner through vents and into your home. Making sure that these ducts are sealed and insulated properly can often improve the energy efficiency of your system by 20 percent or more.


Have you installed a programmable thermostat and know how to use it?


Most homes these days have a programmable thermostat, but some older homes may not. If your home doesn’t, consider installing one. They are ideal for people who are away from home for extended periods of time during the week because it allows you to maintain the temperature in your home based on your schedule. That way it doesn’t have to work harder to warm or cool when you are home. A programmable thermostat can save on average $180 in energy costs every year. Of course, sometimes people have a programmable thermostat, but don’t know how to use it! They all come with an instruction manual, but a professional Chico area heating and air technician can show you how to use it too.


Did you remove any leaves, debris, or dirt from around the outdoor components of your system?


It’s important to remove any kind of dirt build up or leaves from the previous season because it could get caught up in your heating and air conditioning system, decreasing airflow and causing it to not work properly or break down altogether.


Have you had your heating and air conditioning system inspected by a professional?


A professional heating and air technician knows all the pieces and parts to look at to make sure your system is running efficiently. Having seasonal maintenance performed, or at least twice a year by a professional, is recommended to keep it operating longer and keep your home at optimal comfort.


So, how’d you do? Since as much as half of the energy that you use in your home is from heating and cooling, you want to be sure you’re making smart decisions about your heating and air conditioning system. The tips above will help ensure that your system works efficiently for as long as possible.

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