What to Do When the Washing Machine Stops Draining

[fa icon="calendar"] July 26, 2019 / by Home Services Expert

flooded laundry roomYour dirty laundry’s status has upgraded from pile to mountain. This means that it’s time for a laundry day. However, a washing machine that refuses to drain all the way can halt these plans.


Here are some reasons why your washing machine might not be draining, some tips on how to fix the problem yourself and when it’s time to call in an Expert.


Locate the lid switch


Yes, it may be as simple as that! If the lid of the machine is not fully closing, then the machine will not drain all the water or finish its cycle. To check to see if that’s your problem you’ll need to locate the lid switch on the lid or door and make sure it clicks when you press on the switch. The click means that it’s still working, but if there’s no noise or the switch feels loose, then you may need to call an Expert or your manufacture to get a new part.


Check for clogged pumps


You know the sock that you can’t find the mate to? Your washing machine might have eaten it! Sometimes, fabric or lint can get into the draining system and obstruct the pump. To check if this is the problem, drain the machine, check the machine panel and inspect the pump. However, not properly removing the pump can create more issues - like water damage - so make sure you know what you’re doing or it’s best left to a professional. Bright side – you found your sock!


Give your machine some space


Sometimes where the machine is stored can be the cause of the problem. If the machine is shoved in a corner and the pumps have become kinked or bent this can cause the machine to drain slowly. To fix this, try giving the pumps more room by moving your machine so there is some space from the wall.


Empty your pockets


Those loose quarters, Legos, lip balm, etc. can be the culprit to your draining problem. Small items can get stuck in the drain and obstruct the water flow. To inspect this on your own you can use a plumber’s snake and run it through the drain opening to feel for any blockage. Another way of telling if there’s something in the machine is to listen or any loud clinking noises when it’s going through a cycle.


Start shopping for a new machine


Everything has a shelf life and that is especially true for your washing machine. According to American Home Shield, a washer’s life is about 14 years, however, if the machine is used more than a regular amount the life span can be shorter. If your machine is in the time frame of 14 years, and is having a hard time draining, then it might be that you need a new machine. Out with the old and in with the new!


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Call in a professional


Before disconnecting any important pieces, it may be time to call in an Expert. Experts In Your Home has a 24/7 emergency plumbing service that you can call to fix your plumbing needs. Call the Experts at 530-419-5817 day or night. We do more than you think!

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