Overwhelmed by the Holidays? Let Our House Cleaning Team Get Your Home Spotless

[fa icon="calendar"] November 16, 2016 / by Home Services Expert

house cleaner polishing tableYou’re making a list and checking it twice. Your house looks naughty but you want it to look nice.

You know the holidays are creeping up on you when you start to toy with the words of popular songs. Only your improvised words aren’t exactly conjuring thoughts of sugar plums.

With all you have to do to prepare for the holidays, cleaning your house from top to bottom can pose an epic challenge. Especially if you’re expecting out-of-town guests, you want to ensure that your home is virtually spotless – and in those nooks and crannies you probably don’t have time to clean and clean properly.

Nothing is more time consuming than those “heavy-duty” cleaning tasks, which include scouring tubs and showers, dusting blinds and light fixtures and everyone’s “favorite”: washing the windows. With everything glistening, it would be great to top off your efforts with freshly shampooed carpets, but who has time for that?

The answer: Experts in Your Home. Think of our thorough house cleaning service as one of the best “gifts” you can give yourself this holiday season. It might even be the one gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

The Experts Cleaning Team Covers Every Room and Any Task

Whether you live in a tiny condominium or a large single-family home, you can count on the Experts’ reliable and efficient cleaning team to put all hands on deck to clean every room in your home, including your:

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Family room
  • Dining room
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry room
  • Basement
  • Garage (yes, your garage)

Of course, if there are only certain rooms in your home that you want the Experts to clean, they will follow your instructions to a T. What's more, they are happy to accommodate special cleaning requests. For example, getting ready for the holidays usually requires a good deal of food prep, which means you will probably need all the space you can squeeze out of your refrigerator. The Experts can remove the shelves from your refrigerator, clean any built-up residue and scrub down the walls before disinfecting your refrigerator. There is nothing quite like restoring your refrigerator to pristine condition to bring some holiday spirit to the fun of filling it up with holiday meals and desserts.

This “Gift” of House Cleaning Keeps on Giving

While our house cleaning team will bring shine and luster to your home and spare you many hours of fatiguing physical work, our customers report that even a one-time, top-to-bottom cleaning brings other benefits, too. These include:

  • You can learn how to prioritize cleaning tasks. Even if you have your own cleaning “system,” our cleaning team can demonstrate how tasks are best prioritized so that you make the most of your time and do not duplicate efforts.
  • You can pick up pointers and helpful cleaning hints. For example, one of the most neglected cleaning tasks is dusting tall, hard-to-reach spaces and corners. Many homeowners see dense cobwebs; they just don't know how to reach them. Our team can show you “the tricks of the trade.”
  • You can learn how to better maintain order and cleanliness in between “big” cleanings. There is no better motivator that a sparkling clean home. Once you see your home in this condition, you'll want to keep it this way. Naturally, every home gets cluttered and dirty. But our house cleaning team can show you how spending a few concentrated minutes every day can make a huge difference in how your home looks and feels.

Prepare yourself for another insight: you might be so impressed by our house cleaning team that you'll want to set up a regular cleaning schedule. Experts in Your Home is happy to accommodate requests for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal cleaning schedules. At any time of the year – and especially the busiest one of all – you should be in charging of making a list. Let the Experts' conscientious house cleaning team check it twice.

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