How to Negotiate a Home Remodel with Your Spouse

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couple planning home remodelWhen it comes to remodeling a home, one of the roadblocks many couples have is agreeing  on what to remodel and how to remodel it. Choices need to be made and can include things like the scope of the remodeling project, the budget, finishes & more.

No matter how in sync you are with your spouse, you will likely run into disagreements. Here are some ways to negotiate the details of your remodel with your spouse:

Dream Big Together

This step is fun, and is often a good step when thinking about a remodel. Thinking through the things you’d truly want if you could have your dream home can help you figure out a “best case” scenario. Of course you know that it’s not usually realistic to have everything on your wish list, but this step can help you come up with ideas and be creative, along with giving you some valuable insight on things to exclude, ie: “I’d never add this to my house no matter my budget."


Figure Out Needs

Getting real about the needs in your house is important. Most likely there will be at least some agreement in advance on this part, but often there can be differing opinions due to different tasks that spouses take on in the household.

This step will be easier if you have a major pressing need, like having to remodel a bathroom because of a pipe burst or the need to add another bedroom due to a growing family. Whether it’s easy and up front or you have to think about it a while, making a list of your needs is one of the most important steps to planning a remodel.


Define the Top Wants

Once you’ve made a list of what you need, make another list of non-essential wants. This could be anything from a larger scale addition to the desire for certain finishes in the home. There is plenty to disagree on here, since these things aren’t as “essential.” Defining the list of wants that can be attained after the needs can help you figure out how to get more satisfaction out of your remodel.


Agree on a Budget

Coming up with a good maximum budget is very important, since you don’t want financial stress due to spending too much money on your remodeling project. It may be worth sitting down with an accountant or other financial professional to talk through what you can realistically afford in your remodeling budget. Then, prioritize the projects based on need. For example, maybe you plan to add a covered patio, which means you might as well paint the exterior of the house too so it all matches; however the budget you agreed on doesn't cover both. You may have to paint the overhang the same color the house is currently and paint the exterior a few years from now.


Consider the Whole Picture

When considering a remodel and talking it over with your spouse, you want to take the whole picture into account. This includes:

  • Budget.
  • Return on Investment of remodeling expenses.
  • Family dynamics – do you have kids or plan to have kids? Do you have aging parents that will be moving in?
  • Quality of life – will the investments in remodeling improve your quality of life and enjoyment of your home?
  • Timeline – how long will you plan to be in the house?


Decide on Give and Take

In the end, when you have your lists of wants and needs, a budget, and have considered your dreams and family dynamics, decisions will have to be made. Hopefully by this point creating the lists above will have given you some insight and already started the give-and-take process.

Sometimes choosing a particular remodeling option will leave one spouse with their dream project completed and the other spouse will have to delay their wants. Other times good planning can allow both spouses to get the home of their dreams. Ideally, the needs of your household will be met with any remodeling project, and you will have realized your wants too!


Get Help with Your Home Remodeling Project

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