Electrical Repair Safety Tips if You Have Kids

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electrical repair with kidsYou know what curiosity did to the cat – or so the story goes.

When it comes to your favorite little “kittens” – your children – it pays to anticipate their curiosity before you embark on electrical repairs around the house.

Some of these tips may seem like common-sense measures. But thousands of household accidents occur each year in the United States because of simple human oversight and lack of attention, so we think it pays to make a mental note of these electrical safety tips and then share them with your children – for their protection as well as your own.

When doing electrical repair treat electrical outlets with care:

  • Be sure that an outlet isn't “live” before working on it.

  • Never put fingers or anything besides a device that was intended for the outlet inside of it.

  • Don't touch the metallic prongs with your fingers while you try to plug them into an outlet; it could be a truly shocking experience.

  • Never force a cord into an outlet if it doesn't seem to fit.

  • Turn off electrical devices before unplugging them. And unplug them by grasping the plug, not yanking on the cord.

  • Cover outlets with face plates and plug openings with a plastic cap.

Other safety tips involve the safe use of electrical and extension cords:

  • Be careful not to leave electrical cords where people might step on them or trip on them, and don't drape them under rugs. In addition to causing falls, wear and tear on cords can cause them to become unsafe.

  • Check cords for exposed wires, which are an inherent safety risk.

Two important electrical safety tips involve water, which poses the threat of electrocution:

  • When doing an electrical repair never turn on an appliance or light switch while you are wet or while you are in the bathtub or shower.

  • Never attempt to put out an electrical fire with water. Call the fire department immediately.

Kids will always be kids – and many kids are indeed as curious as cats. But safety should always trump interest:

  • Don't climb trees near electrical power lines.

  • Stay away from buildings, towers and other areas marked by a sign that reads “Danger: High Voltage.”

  • Steer clear of utility poles, transmission towers and fences around substations. If you hear the crackle of electricity in the air, caution is in order, even if a danger sign is missing.

  • Never touch a fallen outdoor electrical pole or anything that might be in contact with it, such as a bike, toy or even a person. The current could be deadly.

And finally, some tips that might not be commonsensical at all:

  • If your kids are old enough to use kitchen appliances, spend some time teaching them how to operate them with safety in mind so you’re not stuck performing an electrical repair.
  • Do not overload power strips and surge suppressors. They don't provide more power – only the ability to tap into the designated capacity of the circuit.

  • Keep your electrical service panel locked
  • Always turn lamps and fixtures off before changing a bulb.
  • If an appliance gives you a shock or repeatedly trips a circuit breaker, repair or replace the appliance.

While it's great kids demonstrate a curiosity for and interest in electricity, they also should develop safe practices and a healthy respect for the consequences of carelessness or inattention.

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For more safety tips download our free electrical safety tips guide below:

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